June 4, 2013

It was a great ride. we had a blast.
i was unsure if we could have cocktails on the bike. the fine print said no.
that would have made it a bit more fun for the group.
if this is in the works, that is good.

May 30, 2013

That will absolutely be one of the highlights of my summer. Incredibly friendly service. Thanks for everything! I would have enjoyed/paid for a little more time on the bike, but I know there are only so many hours in the night for you to do 2 services. 2 sessions in a row would be a little much, but if somehow you could manage a 3 hour ride, I think people would be willing to pay!

May 14, 2013

We had such a great time on the capitol pedaler!!! The staff was great, the stops were a perfect distance and the ride was fun

August 2, 2012

Linda, I just wanted to write and tell you how much fun we all had on our bike tour! Rob was a great driver and helped make it really enjoyable.

July 5, 2012

From one of our riders: “Get lower gears, lighten the bike with a grass tiki hut roof, install an electric motor for the hills, blah, blah”…… JUST KIDDING! The struggles were worth it as we were proud of our accomplishments. Our June 30th ride was the best fun I’ve had in years! Everyone thought it was awesome. THANKS to You, Linda and Sandy, for your fine operating skills and congeniality. You were great hosts and I hope we were a good bunch to haul around. The Big Red Bike is clean, comfortable, and well maintained. It is a wonderful recreational option for the Madison area. I look forward to booking my next ride!Sincerely, Rose Reiger

June 18 2012

Our group had a fantastic time on the bike. The care that was put into making it our special experience was top notch. I highly recommend the pedaler for any kind of group outing. We will definitely book again!

June 14 2012

Rob and Marcus were Awesome – everyone had a blast. We were very happy that we had able bikers on this trip, I didn’t realize how much of a workout this is. And all of the stops that you have relationships with were great, City Bar (2 for 1) and Moes (1/2 price Margaritas….pitchers) but Coopers was too croweded for our group of 14. Also love that you start and stop at the Main Depot. Several people on the sidewalks took pictures and stopped to see what all the fun was about. Sure hope your business continues to grow. Thanks for a memorable birthday party!!

May 14, 2012 (YELP Review)

The Capitol Pedaler is an amazing ride! Linda and Sandy, owners, are flexible, laid back and make the ride a lot of fun! My group had time for 3 stops at bars, and it was perfect!

At first, I was disappointed that they don’t allow alcohol onboard, but with 3 stops at local bars (20 mins. each, means 1 hour at bars!), there is no need to bring alcohol aboard. Don’t let this dissuade you from booking!

Get a crew of 14 people, and the ride is only about $23 per person – WORTH THE MONEY!!

I will be scheduling another Capitol Pedaler ride in the near future! :)

The Big Red Bike Offers “Ride the Drive-Madison” Experience

by wendysoucie on May 13, 2012

Last year I had the chance to interview and actually ride the Capitol Pedaler’s Big Red Bike. It was a lovely afternoon spent talking to Linda and Sandy, the lucky owners of this red ton of fun. I captured the interview in a series of videos that I hope you enjoy.

April 15 2012

Outstanding ride!! It was fun, our group had a blast, and Rob and Emily were FANTASTIC! They were so much fun and so cooperative. I’d give it 5 stars if alcohol was allowed on board, but honestly, we had so much fun pedaling and singing and waving to people that we wouldn’t have had time to drink much. Thank you, Capitol Pedaler, for a great evening!  Matt Heilman

March 16, 2012

from Katherine, Becky, Avita, Monica, Kate, Mary and Felesha

“It was such a fun and unique experience! The staff was wonderful too!”

“Such a blast getting to ride the Big Red Bike – exercise can be fun!  So fun and easy!!”

“What a fabulous group activity to do with friends or co-workers.  I’ve never seen the whole gang have so much fun”

“So much fun – a real crowd pleaser!!”

“Great way to get your company name and logo out there!!”

“A great group activity – see the sights of Madison, get some exercise and fun at the same time!”

February 2, 2012

Bret Stubblefield “The Bret Stubblefield Band”

“Linda is a great lady who knows how to run a great Ride! Capital Pedaler. Rock and Roll on the big red bike! It’s a bar like no other!!”

August 17, 2011

Hi Linda and Sandy, We really enjoyed our time on the Capitol Pedaler last night. Thank you! Here is a photo of our group. All the best, Hannah

July 16th

Tracie writes:

Thank you so much. We had the time of our lives!

July 15th

Heather writes:

Thanks for a great time last night Linda, everyone had a blast!

July 1, 2011

Reddit, Madison, WI

“The Capitol Pedaler, here’s their site: www.capitolpedaler.com. I tried it out a few weeks back during Ride the Drive. No alcohol allowed, but we started and stopped at the Old Sugar Distillery, which serves up some quality booze. It was more of workout than a causal ride..we had ten people in our group and it took some teamwork to power over some inclines. But the people who operate it are pretty cool and overall it’s definitely worth a try, at least once.”

June 16th, 2011

Lake Waubesa Conservation Association, Inc.

“The Board of the Lake Waubesa Conservation Association would like to express our sincere thanks for your generous donation for our Fundraiser celebrating the 16th Anniversary of the Defeat of the Libby Landfill” -60 rides!

June 5, 2011

From ‘Divemaster01′ Blog on Ride the Drive

And my favorite, the Capitol Pedaler. A bar pedaled by the customers, steered by one of the bar’s employees. It looked like everyone was everyone was having fun!